K5 Bible Biblical Worldview Scope

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K5 Bible Biblical Worldview Scope

How can there be worldview shaping in a Bible textbook? We are glad you asked. Think of a Bible class as looking in. Looking in at the Bible, at yourself, and at who God is. Think of worldview shaping as looking out. Looking out at God’s world, at what is right and wrong, and at how people should live. The creation, fall, redemption approach in this worldview scope shows how our world is supposed to be, what went wrong, and how God is making it right again. The four worldview themes below help students take what they are learning in their Bible instruction to look out at the world and how they are supposed to live in it.

1. What is most important in the world? | Glory
CREATION: God is the Creator of the world. He is the most important One in the world. The world and everything in it were made by God. They show God’s greatness and goodness. God’s greatness and goodness make up His glory. People declare God’s glory when they thank Him and praise Him. God made people to praise Him. God made people to thank Him. They do this because He is most important.

FALL: People have fallen into sin. Sin is doing wrong. So, they no longer think God is most important in the world. People try to make themselves most important in the world. People want others to think they are great and good. They don’t think about God’s greatness and goodness. They think about their own greatness and goodness.

REDEMPTION: The creation and the Bible tell us that God is the greatest. They also tell us that God is the only, truly good Person. People realize that they should stop thinking about themselves. Instead, they thank God for His greatness and goodness. They begin to make God most important in their life. They tell others about God’s greatness and goodness.

2. Who makes the rules and what are they? | Law
CREATION: God makes the rules. God tells people His rules in the Bible. God also shows them His rules in the world around them. God’s world and God’s rules are good. People are happy if they listen to and obey His rules.

FALL: Because of sin, people want to make their own rules. Adam and Eve did not trust God to make good rules. So, they disobeyed God and followed their own rules. As a result, sin, pain, and death entered the world. Bad always happens when people follow their own rules instead of God’s rules.

REDEMPTION: God has not left people without instruction. God keeps speaking. He speaks in history and in the Bible. He keeps speaking to people about His rules. People who listen and obey God’s rules are happy. They live the way God planned. Instead of choosing what is right in their own eyes they now live according to God’s instruction with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit helps us know and keep His rules.

3. How is the world supposed to be ruled? | Kingdom
CREATION: God is the maker and owner of the world. God is in charge of everything. God is in charge of people. God made people in charge of the earth under His own control. People are supposed to be in charge of God’s world in God’s way.

FALL: Satan rebelled against God. Then he tempted Adam and Eve to rebel against God. Now, people try to be in charge of the world in their own way. They don’t try to be in charge of the world God’s way. They want to live by their own rules. They don’t want to want to let God be in charge of their lives.

REDEMPTION: God promised that He would send a King. The King will be in charge, and he will be good. This King would be a descendant of Abraham and of King David. Jesus is the King. Unlike Adam, Jesus obeyed God perfectly. Through Jesus, people can again be in charge under God’s greater control. God is in charge of the hearts and lives of those who turn to Jesus. One day, Jesus will rule perfectly, and universally. All those who repent and believe in Jesus will rule with Him forever.

4. How do I get right with God? | Forgiveness
CREATION: People were created to know God and to enjoy being with Him. God spent time with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. People are happiest when they are close to their Creator.

FALL: When Adam sinned, all people became sinners. People choose to enjoy their sin instead of enjoying God. Because of their sin, they cannot enjoy God. God is perfect. God hates sin. God will punish sinners for their sin. Sinners cannot be made right with God without God’s help. Sinners try to get right with God their own way. They try to be good enough to be right with God. They try to give to poor people to be right with God. They say their sin is okay with God. People cannot be made right with God in their own way.

REDEMPTION: God made a way for sinners to be made right with Him. Jesus’ death on the cross paid for all sins. Jesus’ resurrection showed that Jesus conquered death and sin. Those who repent and believe the Gospel are made right with God by having their sins forgiven. Those who are forgiven can again know and be with Him in this life and the next. Those who are forgiven by God are also able to forgive those who sin against them.

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